Karaoke Authoring / Creation

Win 10 - Win 11

The KCreator Module found in Karaoke Surgeon allows users to author or create a karaoke file with lyrics starting with only an audio file. The resulting product is a mp4 or cd+g file with lyrics synced to the background music that can be used or played on most standard karaoke machines or video players.

An overview of the KCreation module is found below:

When creating or authoring a karaoke file the final file type you select for creation is very important. KCreator gives you two options: mp4 or CD+G.

CD G (also known as CD-G, CD Graphics) is an extension of the compact disc standard that can present low-resolution graphics alongside the audio data on the disc when played on a compatible device.

The CD G specifications were published by Philips and Sony as an extension of the Red Book (CD standard) specifications. The first CD to be released with CD G graphics was in 1985, which means it is 50 years old!

The audio quality found in CD+ G files is fine. The problem is with the graphics quality. These files use a resolution size of 300 x 216. When a CD+ G file is displayed at this standard size the quality is acceptable but, when you enlarge the file the quality deteriorates and the graphics become fuzzy or jagged.

In addition to a CD+G output KCreator also offer an mp4 file option. When this option is chosen KCreator creates an mp4 file directly. It does not create a CD+ G file first and then convert it to an mp4. This is an important distinction because if a CD+ G file is converted it will still have quality issues because it was initially created at 300 x 216 and then enlarged. However, if an mp4 file is created directly - as we do in KS2 - the original created size is 1080 x 778. This much higher resolution gives us much better quality.

The quality difference is significant as you can see below. The text in top CD+G file is fuzzy and as you increase the size it will continue to deteriorate. The bottom image is from the mp4 file. It is sharp and in focus and has no quality problems.

Below is a link to the entire Karaoke mp4 file created or authored in KS2. We have purposely chosen to leave the vocals in the audio so you can not only assess the quality of the graphics, but also assess the accuracy of the timing as judged by the color change of the lyrics.

For more information about KCreator, review the Training Video or read the appropriate section in the User Guide. Lastly, you may want to consider downloading a copy of the Karaoke Surgeon 2 demo, and try this for yourself.