Karaoke Surgeon | Change Key, Tempo, EQ and Save the Lyrics

Karaoke Surgeon is a new, ground breaking karaoke product for Karaoke Singers and Musicians. We developed Karaoke Surgeon at the request of customers of some of our other products. They were looking for a way to change the key and tempo of files that contained lyrics. To be specific they wanted something that could be used for ANY type of file they used, whether it was an audio only file, a video file, or a true Karaoke format file like a VCD or CDG file that contains both audio and graphics.

As a Result of This Input Karaoke Surgeon was Born!

After more than a year of development Karaoke Surgeon is now available. Not only can Karaoke Surgeon easily change the key and tempo of all of these different file formats, which was the original impetus for its development – it does a whole lot more. Allow me to give you a brief overview.

Karaoke Surgeon Features

  • KS can rip both CD, VCD and CDG discs
  • KS can open most standard files used by Karaoke musicians, these include audio, video and karaoke formats
  • KS can change the key or tempo of these files in real time
  • KS can save key and tempo changes permanently in new files. That means you can move these changed files to your phone, ipad, USB drive so they become portable
  • KS can apply EQ changes from a built-in 31 band EQ.
  • KS utilizes formant preservation to reduce or eliminate the chipmunk/munchkin sound that can develop when key change is applied to audio with vocals.
  • KS uses the same high quality audio algorithm used in its other products to ensure high quality, distortion free audio after key and/or tempo change.
  • And most importantly, any file with lyrics, when saved or converted, will retain the lyrics.

Karaoke Surgeon Benefits

Karaoke Surgeon is ground breaking because NO OTHER PRODUCT can do ALL of these things. Most Karaoke musicians own a tool box of products that, taken together, allow them to do most of these things. That means Karaoke Surgeon is likely to save you time and money and as well giving you superior audio quality.

Saves Time

Because you won’t have to monkey around with multiple products in order to do a job which can be done with one.

Saves Money

Because you won’t have to buy multiple products to accomplish what Karaoke Surgeon, by itself can do; and,

Superior Quality

Because KS will give you the best possible audio quality, after key and tempo change, so you never have to worry about lowering your audio quality standards.

Confidence in Your Purchase

Like all of our products, Karaoke Surgeon comes with a full 60 day, 100% money back guarantee. TMJ Software’s line of products have been sold in more than 150 countries around the world.

A free, 4 hour, fully functional demo version is available for you to try, if you feel you’d like to test drive the product before buying it.

Your purchase of Karaoke Surgeon comes with one year of full service support. In addition to the written User Guide and Training Videos, we provide a full service Help Desk, with guaranteed 24 hour or less response times.

Feel free to browse this page and the others pages on this site to learn more. On each page in the upper right-hand corner you’ll find two buttons, one to Buy and the other to Grab the free demo. When you are ready, click one of these two buttons and begin putting Karaoke Surgeon to work for you today.