Karaoke Surgeon 2
Five Modules, One Great Product
(Editing, Recording, File Conversion, Vocal Removal, Karaoke Creation)

Win 10 - Win 11
Karaoke Surgeon Version 2

Version 2 of Karaoke Surgeon contains many changes, refinement, and improvement over the first version. Most of these changes have been driven by our customers. Generally speaking, the biggest change is that the product is expanding from a single module to five modules.

The Main Editing Module builds upon the features found in Version 1 but adds several important features, like automatic key, tempo and volume detection, a volume adjustment module and a file editing module that enables users to edit (delete, cut, paste) the change the length of an existing file.

The newly added KCreator module allows users to create Karaoke files with lyrics starting from a raw audio file. The third module, KRecorder, allows users to sing to a backing track, record their voice and pair it with the background music to create a sung version of the backing track. The 4th module, KRemover is an AI powered tool that removes lead vocals for songs, and the fifth module, Kconverter, processes and converts among different file formats. It can convert a single file or thousands of files at a time.

Karaoke Surgeon Benefits

Karaoke Surgeon is ground breaking because NO OTHER PRODUCT can do ALL of these things. Most Karaoke musicians own a tool box of products that, taken together, allow them to do most of these things. That means Karaoke Surgeon is likely to save you time and money and as well giving you superior audio quality.

Saves Time

Karaoke Surgeon can do the work of multiple separate products. This allows you to save time by reducing the number of steps and limited your work to a single product. Additionally, rather than waste time looking for a hard to find karaoke version of a song, creating your own will also save you time.

Saves Money

Karaoke Surgeon save you money it two ways. It’s versatility eliminates the need to buy other software products. It also savesmoney by allowing you to create your own Karaoke files rather than purchasing them.

Superior Quality

Because KS will give you the best possible audio quality, after key and tempo change, so you never have to worry about lowering your audio quality standards.

Main Editing Module Features

KRecorder Module

  • Records your vocals as you sing to a song.
  • Allows the use of audio, video or karaoke files (with or without lyrics)
  • Post recording affects include EQ and Reverb
  • Mix Down and save as audio, video, or karaoke file format
  • Share finished recording with friends, family, social media, Youtube

kcreator module

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KRemover Module

(Lead Vocal Removal)

The KRemover system is an AI (Artificial Intelligence) powered tool that allows you to remove lead vocals from a song. While it doesn’t work perfectly on every song, the quality of the background track or stem is quite good with many songs.

Below is a sample of what this tool can do. It is from a song by Badfinder called "No Matter What". In this example we have removed the vocals. You can hear these three files: The original song, the vocals, and the mix without the vocals. Click to listen.

Mix (without vocals)

When the KRemover tool processes a file it will return two files. One file contains the single instrument selected to be removed. The second contains the rest of the mix or instrumentation.

The KRemover system is an online tool that all Version 2 customers have unlimited access tool for the duration of time that Version 2 is the current version.

kconverter module

KConverter is another new module that has been added to Version 2. The module does what its name implies. It converts among and between file formats. KConverter can convert a single file at a time, or you can load it with 1000’s of files and it will run as a batch processor. Here are some examples of conversions that it can do.

File Formats

Karaoke Surgeon 2 opens many different kinds of files used by karaoke enthusiasts. These include CD+G, CD+G zipped, bin, mp4, wmv, mpg, mov, avi, and a long list of audio files. There are currently two karaoke file formats the KS2 cannot open and therefore cannot convert. These are .kar and .mid files.

Below is a sampling of some of the conversions KConverter can do:

  • • CD+G to MP4
  • • Audio to other Audio
  • • Bin files to MP4
  • • Video to other Video
  • • Mp4 to Audio
  • • Video to Audio
  • • Bin to Audio

Confidence in Your Purchase

Like all of our products, Karaoke Surgeon comes with a full 60 day, 100% money back guarantee. TMJ Software’s line of products have been sold in more than 150 countries around the world.

Your purchase of Karaoke Surgeon comes with one year of full service support. In addition to the written User Guide and Training Videos, we provide a full service Help Desk, with guaranteed 24 hour or less response times.

Feel free to browse this page and the others pages on this site to learn more. On each page in the upper right-hand corner you’ll find two buttons, one to Buy and the other to Grab the free demo. When you are ready, click one of these two buttons and begin putting Karaoke Surgeon to work for you today.