Vocal Removal / Instrument Isolation (VRII)

This is the vocal removal/instrument isolation page for Karaoke Surgeon Customers. Customers have free, unlimited access to this page by logging in, using the same credentials they use for Karaoke Surgeon.

Non-customer access to this tool is limited to the processing of five files by registering and creating an account. After processing five (5) files, access for non-customers will be restricted.

This new tool (VRII) offered by Karaoke Surgeon uses artificial intelligence to constantly learn and improve. Currently it works well (not perfectly) for the following instruments: vocals, drums, bass, piano and guitar.

Below is a sample of what this tool can do. It is from a song by Badfinder called "No Matter What". In this example we have removed the vocals. You can hear are three files: The original song, the vocals, and the mix without the vocals. Click to listen.

Mix (without vocals)

When the VRII tool processes a file it will return two files. One file contains the single instrument selected to be removed. The second contains the rest of the mix or instrumentation.

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Please be patient, it may take 5 -10 seconds before the download starts.
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