TMJ Software Ambassador Program

Refer Friends and Colleagues. Earn Rewards.

TMJ Software develops and sells a number of software programs, including Song Surgeon, Video Surgeon, Karaoke Surgeon, Download Surgeon and Audio Surgeon. By referring your friends, family, posting in forums, using comment box messages, etc. you can earn credits towards your next purchase of TMJ Software.

When you log-in to your My Account page for one of our products, you’ll see a summary of your Ambassador Dollars at the top right. If you click this area, it will open your personalized Ambassador Dollars page which will look like what you see below.

The summary data on the page below, showing dollars earned and spent, toward the bottom, is only an example. Your real page will have your actual summary, as well as working Referral Links and Coupon Codes that are specific for you

Earning Credit


The link below is your own custom link, personally created for you. Copy it and use it anytime and anywhere you tell people about one of our products.


You will receive a 15% credit for each sale attributed to this link, regardless of the TMJ Product that is ordered.

Ambassador Program Referral Link: [Log in to view the link]

Spending Credit

Once you have earned credits from sales attributed to the above TMJ Software Ambassador Program link you can use these anytime you purchase a TMJ Software product. On the shopping cart page of our product web sites you will see a field for Ambassador Program Coupon Code. In this field type or paste the following unique coupon code and we will apply any monies earned against your purchase.

Ambassador Program Coupon Code: [Log in to view the code]

TMJ Ambassador Benefits


The credits you earn can be used toward the purchase of any our products at any time.


Your credits NEVER expire


For every $100 earned, in addition to the use of the credits, you will receive lifetime FREE support for the product or your choice. Even if your 1 or 2 year free support period that comes with the purchase of one of our products has ended, this free support will cover you.

Your Ambassador Reward Progress
Total Referral Dollars Earned: $59.00
John Doe , Song Surgeon, 2024-07-16 [+$27.00]
Bob Jaicon , Video Surgeon, 2024-07-18 [+$32.00]

Total Ambassador Dollars Used: $14.00
Audio Surgeon, 2024-07-16 [-$14.00]